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Why Did the Devil Want Moses’ Body?

Israel had formally been guilty of worshipping the golden calf (see Exodus 20 and 32). The body and tomb of Moses, the revered leader of the nation, would have almost certainly would have been a “must see” place to visit by the people of Israel. It could have easily been used by the devil to lead people away from the true God!

Strange as it may seem, the practice of revering an important person’s corpse does indeed occur today! Those in Russia have access to viewing the embalmed corpses of Stalin or Lenin. Many countries like the United States have a tomb for the ‘unknown soldier’ where people go and dwell on the past.

Memorials force us to dwell in the past, rather than dwelling in the present and going on with our lives. Some people worship these types of memorials as icons. God wants our worship to be only of Him, instead of some shrine to remind us of the past. Satan the devil will use anything he can, even the body of Moses, to try and direct the focus of human minds away from God and onto something that is physical and temporary.