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Ways to conquer fear

1 Understand your fear symptoms

Many people associate fear with certain situations in their life. For e.g., fear of animals like snakes, fear of public speaking, fear of heights or adventure sports, planes etc. These situations then give rise to symptoms like sweating, feeling dizzy, racing heartbeat, loose motions, panic, and anxiety etc.

2 Try addressing these fears

It is important to address and face these fears. For e.g., if you are fearful of heights, then try to overcome the same by watching close family members do paragliding or some other adventure sport. Try to climb a small hill or a mountain with a group. Enjoy the pleasure of sitting on a mountaintop. As you focus on facing your fears and handling them, soon you will find that you are no longer fearful of those things. Do not push yourself, but take one step at a time. Do not be judgemental but give yourself enough time to overcome fear.

3 Question the fear thought

It is important to question the fear though. The more you analyze it, the better you will understand that it is time to overcome your fear. For e.g., some people are fearful of taking plane journeys. Encourage yourself by making plans to visit a good travel destination and then plan your plane journey. Many people have overcome their fears by facing them head-on.

4 Encourage yourself to overcome fear by understanding the rewards.

Once you understand fear, then you need to take steps to face it. Encourage yourself by watching the outcome of your actions. For e.g.,

  • If you are fearful of heights, try trekking and climbing a mountain with other groups and enjoy the scenic view from the top.
  • If you are fearful of plane journeys, take a nice vacation to somewhere you would love to go.
  • If you are fearful of animals, trying being neutral when you see them.

5 Think rationally of the outcome

Many people overthink a situation and get more fearful. Most of the time, they think that they will die as a result of these situations. But in reality, it is not the case. Identify these fearful thoughts and rationally question them. Understand the difference between the actual risk and the perceived risk.

6 Live life positively

Encourage positive, peaceful and grateful thoughts in your life.  Look around and enjoy nature and God’s creation. Be kind and generous to all those around you. Gratitude and kindness go a long way in keeping your body healthy.

It has been observed that people who suffered fear and depression were completely fine when they started volunteering for good charitable causes, like spending time with old people, cooking for orphans etc. They were so busy with these activities that they did not have time to overthink and be fearful.

These are some of the important ways of overcoming fear and anger in your life. It is important for you to take one day at a time and address your weaknesses. If you are focussed in addressing your fear and anger, then you will see the results eventually.