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This is Satan’s greatest weakness

Often when we see great evil in the world we feel an urge to “fight fire with fire” and use the same tactics as the enemy. We start to convince ourselves that if we were only “powerful” enough, we could take down Satan and all his minions.

However, that strategy will only hurt us in the end. If we truly want to conquer Satan’s power in our lives, we need to go after his greatest weakness.

Satan loves power and so he is going to use our desire for power against us. But there is one thing he hates and it alone can overturn his power: humble weakness.

That may sound strange, and a little counterintuitive, but it is the biblical way to defeat Satan.

The most supreme example of “weakness” that overcame evil was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ upon the cross. There we have the King of Kings stripped naked on the wood of the cross in supreme agony. His hands and feet are nailed down, leaving him entirely vulnerable. His captors can do anything they want to him and he can do nothing to protect himself.

Satan despises weakness as he thrives on the quest for earthly power. The more we try to be “strong” and “influential” in the world, the more Satan works on us and gains inroads. Think of Mother Teresa. She worked with the poorest of the poor and in the eyes of the world she was a short, weak, and frail elderly woman. However, in truth she was one of the strongest women to have ever lived and was a thorn in the side of Satan. He could never conquer her and the good work she did.

If we want to overcome evil, the pathway to victory is lined with humility and self-sacrifice. Only when we give everything over to God, will we ever be able to defeat evil.