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You Do Not Pray Anymore.

You Feel Lazy To Read The Bible.

you Lose Interest In Attending Church Activities.

 You Have Many Excuses Not To Attend Fellowships Or Bible Study.

You Think Of Christian Books And Videos As Boring.

You Do Not Feel Guilty When Committing Sins.

You Are Not Affected By The Gospel And God’s Grace As Before.

You Make Plans For Yourself Without Consulting God’s Will.

You Have No Desire To Participate In The Ministry Anymore.  

You Have Other Priorities Before God.

You Feel No Conviction To Share The Gospel.

You Conform To Worldly Standards.

You Doubt God’s Existence.

You Do Not Think About God Throughout The Day.


Go Back To Your First Love

If you are confident that you have been drifting away from God recently, do not be discouraged. It is not too late to draw near to Him. He is patient and gracious and would surely welcome you back, just like the father in the story of the prodigal son.