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Quotes About Hell from the Saints that Just Might Scare You Into Heaven

Hell is a real place. You don’t want to go there!

If we die in mortal or Original sin, then we go straight away to hell for all eternity, with no hope for redemption.

So repent! And spread the Gospel of salvation in Christ to your neighbors.

Here are some quotes from the saints about this real place of punishment:

1) “I am filled with fear and trembling, and all my bones are shaken at the thought of that unhappy country of the damned.”

St. Bernard

2) “I saw the torments of hell and those of purgatory; no words can describe them. Had poor mortals the faintest idea of them, they would suffer a thousand deaths rather than undergo the least of their torments during a single day.”

St. Catherine of Siena

3) “Poor Judas! Above seventeen hundred years have elapsed since he has been in Hell, and his Hell is still only beginning.”

St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

4) “The natural fire that we see during this life has great power to burn and torment. Yet this is not even a shadow of the fire of Hell.”

St. Anthony Mary Claret

5) “The wicked bodies of the condemned shall simmer and blaze in those living fires.”

St. Cyprian of Carthage

6) “Alas! Of what kind is that place of wailing and of gnashing of teeth… at which even Satan shudders? O Woe! What kind of place is it, where the unsleeping worm dies not? What dread misery to be sent into outer darkness? Of what kind of angels placed over these torments, who pitiless and frightful, punish by casting in there, while at the same time the reproach most grievously? Then shall those already in the midst of the torments cry out with pleading voices, and there will be no one to speak for them to the Lord, and they shall not be heard.”

St. Ephrem of Syria