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Prayers for Miraculous Wisdom and Understanding

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you today seeking your miraculous wisdom and understanding. I know that you are the source of all wisdom and knowledge, and I trust in your love and power to guide me in the right path.

Lord, I pray for your divine insight and understanding in all areas of my life. I ask that you would grant me the wisdom to make wise decisions, to discern truth from falsehood, and to see things from your perspective.

I pray for your guidance and direction in my personal and professional life, and I ask that you would give me the wisdom and strength to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Lord, I know that your ways are higher than my ways, and your thoughts are higher than my thoughts. Help me to trust in your wisdom and to follow your will, even when it may not make sense to me.

Thank you, Lord, for your goodness and mercy. I believe that you will answer my prayer and bless me with miraculous wisdom and understanding. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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