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John Paul II’s prayer that peace will have the last word in history.

Despite setbacks, St. John Paul II believed that peace will prevail and will have the last word. 

John Paul II encouraged Christians to pray for peace on a daily basis, concluding his message with a powerful prayer, asking Christians to choose peace and to spread it to every part of the world.

Peace is our work: it calls for our courageous and united action. But it is inseparably and above all a gift of God: it requires our prayer. Christians must be in the first rank of those who pray daily for peace. They must also teach others to pray for peace. It will be their joy to pray with Mary, the Queen of Peace.

To everyone, Christians, believers, and men and women of good will, I say: Do not be afraid to take a chance on peace, to teach peace. The aspiration for peace will not be disappointed for ever. Work for peace, inspired by charity which does not pass away, will produce its fruits. Peace will be the last word of History.