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Miracle Prayer for Spiritual Protection and Clarity

Dear God, I come before you in need of spiritual protection and clarity. I ask that you surround me with your divine light and shield me from any negative energies or influences that may try to harm me.

Please protect me from any harm, danger, or evil intentions that may come my way. Fill me with your love, your grace, and your wisdom, so that I may discern the truth and make choices that honor your will.

Help me to stay rooted in my faith, even when the world around me is chaotic and confusing. Grant me the clarity and discernment to see beyond the illusions of this world, and to focus on what truly matters in my life.

I pray for the guidance of your Holy Spirit, to lead me towards the path of righteousness and peace. Help me to trust in your power, your love, and your protection, knowing that you are always with me, even in the darkest moments.

Thank you for your infinite love, your unending grace, and your constant protection. I surrender myself to your divine will, and trust in your miraculous power to keep me safe and guided along my spiritual journey. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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