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What was Jesus’ greatest miracle?


Jesus, as God in the flesh, had the power to perform a miracle whenever it was needed. He had the ability to turn water in wine (John 2:1 – 11), cause a fish to produce a coin (Matthew 17:24 – 27), and even could walk on water (John 6:18 – 21). Jesus also could heal those who were blind or deaf (John 9:1 – 7, Mark 7:31 – 37), reattach a severed ear (Luke 22:50 – 51) and free people of the vilest demons (Matthew 17:14 – 21). What was, however, the greatest miracle he performed?

Arguably, the greatest miracle witnessed so far by man is the complete healing and restoration of physical life to someone who has died. It is an event so rare that only ten are recorded in the entire Bible. Jesus, on three separate occasions, brought a person back to life (Luke 7:11 – 18, Mark 5:35 – 38, Luke 8:49 – 52, John 11).

This video lists the major reasons why the resurrection of Lazarus, found in John 11, was the most unique and greatest miracle manifested during the ministry of Jesus.

The first two resurrections Jesus carried out (the son of a widowed woman and daughter of a synagogue ruler) were on people he did not know personally. In the case of Lazarus, however, he had spent time with him and his sisters on one recorded occasion (Luke 10:38 – 42) and likely others as well given Bethany’s close proximity to Jerusalem. Christ had a close and loving relationship with Mary, Martha and Lazarus prior to his miracle recorded in John 11 (see John 11:3, 5, 36).




Lazarus’ resurrection is the greatest miracle performed by Jesus and is easily one of the most important events in the New Testament. It not only showcases God’s perfect power and authority over all humans but also testifies, for all eternity, that Jesus is the promised Messiah.