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Is It Wrong TO Pray On The Toilet?

  1. We are told to “pray without ceasing”.

But, if you feel that it is a dishonor to God to pray when upon the toilet, then do not do so.

The Apostle Paul said that if we by our actions or words, encourage a brother or sister to do something that is against their conscience, then we cause them to sin against themselves. And that, if someone perceives something as sinful then, to them it is indeed sinful. 



  1. Of course you can, If God is omni present, He is present in the toilet too. Its man-made rule that we shouldn’t pray in toilet. We can and we shall pray to him whenever we feel like. When we pray with our whole heart, even if we are in Toilet, he will respond there too.
  2. To God as long as you are sincere it does not matter-key thing being 109% truthful and sincere and respecting God as your father. Keep it sincere and God is loving and he will accept your prayer. The act of bowel movement is natural and not intentional.


  1. No, not at all. There’s nothing wrong if you feel led to speak to God at that particular time. That’s all prayer is , simply talking to God, a form of conversation with Him. You can pray anytime and anywhere, although having set times or a private prayer space does no harm. The worship of God and giving thanks for many aspects of life through prayer is central to Judaism. The Jews have prayers for waking up, preparing to eat and before going to sleep , for example. Even for going to the bathroom. All God asks is that you speak to Him sincerely , straight from the heart.


In conclusion God has put His spirit in us and His Spirit also gives enlightenment. Therefore, whenever we want to seek Him, it is best we listen to what He says through His spirit that dwells in us.