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How to tell if it’s God’s voice, an illusion, or just ego?

There have been stories of many saints who the master of hell visited in the guise of Christ, Mary, and other Saints. However, one of the things that always helped them was, they were able to test these spirits. Whenever a saint is counselled to disobey an order, they’d know for certain it wasn’t God speaking. Whenever the apparition countered any predefined Catholic Doctrine or spoke ill of the Pope or the Bishops in communion with him, they knew this was proof of the presence of the Evil One. They always listened to the counsel and advice of their spiritual fathers. They were always open to the fact that it could be safer to doubt than believe in the authenticity of their visions.


St Francis the Sales is known to counsel his proteges to ask God to take away such gifts. They are unnecessary for salvation and can even cause some immature people to fall out of faith by becoming proud. I am one of those who have taught this. There have been times when I heard weird voices, and all I did was ignore them, and they later went away. The reason is, I am one of those who vehemently teach that it might be unhealthier than healthy to encourage such a gift. And I believe too that it might be presumptuous or at least slightly sinful to desire such extraordinary gifts.

I want to lead an everyday life, no confusion, no need for headaches. With an eye on God and the other on his works on earth, there won’t be a need to start stressing my heart about the meanings of voices and visions.

  • Any vision or voice that tells you to go off on your own isn’t from God. God always gathers; he never scatters.
  • Any vision or voice that encourages enmity and quarrel isn’t from God. Therefore, God doesn’t tell people the evil others are doing so they’d hate them. God isn’t a spy.
  • God would never encourage you to hate Mary or the Saints.
  • God would never encourage anything sinful (Goes without saying).
  • God would never indirectly or directly dissuade you from praying.
  • God would never tell you not to help others.

Anything God tells you must be to love, be a good Catholic, and pray for the Pope and the Church. Anything remotely contrary to these isn’t from God. It would be best if you also had an experienced priest to help guide and counsel you.