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How To Overcome Anger Fast



1 Try and find out the anger trigger points

Everyone, at one point or another, will have to deal with anger. It is important to understand the trigger points and analyze the anger signs. Sometimes when people are angry their heart beats faster, they sweat, clench their fists or tighten their body and shoulders etc. Find out what are your anger signs. Once you find out the trigger points, then you will be able to handle and manage your anger.


2 Move away from the situation and do not react

Once you hold back your anger and move away from the situation without reacting, you will calm down and feel better.


3 Play some soothing music

Today we have ipads, smartphones etc., which can be used to play soothing music. Good, soothing music helps to calm down a person. You can also be creative by dancing or doing something that will help divert attention from any angry thought.


4 Sharing or talking about issues with someone who can understand you

One of the long-term ways of overcoming anger or dealing with anger is to share and discuss your feelings with a friend or a family member. Firstly, it removes the initial outburst and bitterness. Further, you are able to think calmly and get a different perspective of the whole situation.

5 Control your mouth

The Bible says that while the tongue is one of the smallest parts of the body, it is the most difficult to control.  We speak blessings and curses from the same mouth. When we are angry, our mouth gets out of control. We use words like

  • You always do this to me
  • You never listen to us
  • It’s not fair etc.

Many times words which are said in anger, hurt and break relationships. It is very difficult to mend or restore back these relationships. A wise decision would be to avoid getting into arguments and losing your temper. This will save a lot of problems in the future.