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Can a Woman preach at Mass?

The Code of Canon Law states:

“Among the forms of preaching, the homily, which is part of the liturgy itself and is reserved to a priest or deacon, is pre-eminent” (No. 767).

Also, the General Instruction of the Roman Missal reaffirms:

“The homily should ordinarily be given by the priest celebrant himself or be entrusted by him to a concelebrating Priest, or from time to time and, if appropriate, to the deacon, but never to a layperson” (No. 66)

The Church generally wants priests to shepherd their flocks. The homily is an essential aspect of the Mass.

However, nothing prevents a well-trained lay-faithful man or woman from preaching in other Church settings: Parish missions, lay-led Communion services, other prayer services. We are called to preach the word of God and can share in such situations in the absence of a priest.