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6 Ways to read the Bible in a more immersive way

Sometimes it isn’t about being busy, it’s about being unable to concentrate, so what can we do to help make our Bible reading a little easier?

  1. Re-Think It
    Sometimes reading the Bible is difficult because we just don’t feel like reading the Bible.
    Remember, reading scripture is more than just reading a book. it’s spending time with God, understanding what he wants for our lives.

The next time you consider reading your Bible, remember you’ll also be making time for God – and who doesn’t want time with the Lord?

  • Start with 10 Minutes
    If you aren’t already in the habit of reading the Bible, just start small.
    Ten minutes is just long enough to read important passages of the Bible and gain a level of understanding that helps us connect with the Lord in meaningful ways.
  • Pray First
    Many forget, or simply don’t know about this important step.
    The Bible was never meant to be understood after a quick read-through. There are several deep messages found within the pages of the Bible but sometimes we aren’t in the right state of mind to fully understand those messages.
    That’s where prayer comes in. 
  • Read Less
    It sounds counterproductive but really, it isn’t.
    A lot of people set unrealistic goals for themselves and lose enthusiasm quickly. Rather than pressuring yourself to read the entire Bible in a year, plan to read a certain number of verses each day.
  • Make it a Habit
    A habit is generally formed after doing the same activity every day for about 90 days, so start that clock!
  • Listen Instead

If you really just can’t handle reading, consider an audio version of the Bible.