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5 Women I Admire From The Bible

Women played a significant role throughout the Bible.

The five I admire most were ordinary women who lived extraordinary lives

  1. Sarah- A woman of hope: she wasn’t perfect especially in her dealings with Hagar, yet she is used as an example of how wives should submit to their husbands without fear.
  2. Rehab– A woman of faith: she was a prostitute, yet she alone stepped out in faith and believed God. The Lord changed her life forever because of her one step of faith.
  3. Ruth– A woman of character: As a young woman, Ruth could have deserted Naomi and sought security with another husband. However, she chose to submit, obey and respect Naomi, earning a reputation of being a woman of noble character.
  4. Esther- A woman of courage: her outward beauty was only a small part of the great woman she became. As a result of her courage, the entire nation of the Jewish people was saved.
  5. Mary- A woman of Favour: Mary trusted in the Lord, even though she couldn’t comprehend all that was going to happen in her lifetime.