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5 Things you need to know about Archangels

To help you understand more about these mysterious beings that God created, here are five things you need to know about archangels:

1) Archangels are the second lowest “rank” of angels


2) Archangels are entrusted with delivering important messages to humans

3) Archangels do not have wings, bodies or swords

unlike us, angels are pure spirits and do not possess anything material. On occasion they can look like a human, but it is only a façade.

Dr. Peter Kreeft gives an excellent description in his book, Angels and Demons:

“Because of their lack of bodies, angels do not occupy space like we do and move within our world without taking up space. The closest analogy to how angels move is like ‘electrons’ or in ‘quantum leaps.’ Angels ‘move instantaneously from one place to another without passing through any space or time in between.’”

On the other hand, even though they do not have material bodies, they can impact and influence the material world. They are pure spirits (like God) and have such intelligence and mental power that they can move material things or assume the appearance of a body. How exactly that all transpires is a bit of a mystery. Saint Thomas Aquinas goes in more depth in the Summa.

Wings and swords are simply artistic representations of their roles and actions in our world, as messengers and protectors.


4) Archangels can protect us from evil

5) Archangels still exist today

Thankfully, angels do not depend on our belief of them for their existence. God created their immortal spirits at the beginning of time and they will never cease existing for all eternity.

We may not see them, hear them, or feel their presence, but they are as real as the screen in front of you. Sometimes they let us know they are here, but most of the time they are busy protecting us from harm without us knowing. Just think what would happen if they weren’t here!