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3 Useful sacramentals to have in your briefcase or purse


Here are three such sacramentals that, if used properly, can provide a spiritual boost anywhere you may be as well as keep away spiritual enemies that are trying to thwart the good work you are hoping to accomplish.

  1. Holy water

Holy water has a double meaning, reminding us of our baptism as well as being a symbol of spiritual cleansing. Holy water is said to have great power over the devil as the devil cannot stand this “clean” water, since he is entirely unclean for all eternity.

  1. Rosary

Having a rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary with you is a perfect way to remind yourself of the need to pray. Rosaries can facilitate a prayerful spirit, allowing a person to meditate on the various mysteries of the life of Jesus Christ.

St. Padre Pio also referred to the Rosary as a “weapon,” saying, “Some people are so foolish that they think they can go through life without the help of the Blessed Mother.

  1. Crucifix

Another very powerful sacramental is the crucifix. Not only does a crucifix remind us of the great love that God has for us, but it also is a strong deterrent to spiritual enemies.