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3 Habits of Saints you need to learn now

There are three significant habits the saints have in common. Let’s see them and how we can imitate them in our lives.

1.               Prayer

Loving God is the first step to holiness, but you can’t love someone you do not know or speak to. The saints’ love-relationship with God was their number one priority, so communication with God is the defining habit of saints.

2.             Selflessness

Selfishness prevents a person from opening his heart to the love of God and neighbor. Practicing selflessness is a crucial part of the Saint’s life, and this is worth emulating. Selfishness or self-absorption is an increasingly common trait in today’s society.

Numerous saints had been not only selfless and had put the needs of the needy or oppressed ahead of theirs. They went out of their way to help the disadvantaged. The Church canonizes only those whose practice of virtue was extraordinary, especially faith, hope, and charity.

Not everyone must reach their levels of selflessness, but everyone is called to practice these virtues at least to ordinary degrees. To love sincerely and help other people.

3.            Sacramental Life

St. John Vianney spent hours every day in the confessional, for he knew how important it was for people to receive the grace of Reconciliation. St. Tarcisius literally gave his life to defend the Holy Eucharist. St. Francis Xavier baptized more than 700,000 souls. There are a few examples of the saints showing great love for the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. The saints realized the reason Jesus left these sacraments; for us to grow in grace. They see how important these channels of grace are, and we should also see how important they are.